Andrew Howard is an Arizona-based reporter with experience covering national, state and local politics in both Phoenix and Washington, D.C. Andrew is a current managing editor at The State Press, ASU's student-run news organization and will complete concurrent degrees in journalism and political science in May 2021.

Awash in federal cash, Maine counties ponder limited ways to spend it

With more than $261 million in federal funding flowing in from the American Rescue Plan Act, Maine counties are debating how to use the money, while awaiting further guidance from the feds. Counties in Maine, which typically are tasked with a relatively few though important duties, are being asked via the federal stimulus dollars to launch an array of projects despite possibly lacking experience in them.

Run, hide, fight: 72,000 students, one strategy to remember

There is a detailed, tactical response plan for law enforcement and the University, said Allen Clark, executive director of preparedness and security initiatives. But he said the ASU Emergency Operations Plan was unavailable for viewing by The State Press, citing security concerns. The top things for students to know is the Run-Hide-Fight concept, Clark said. Run from the attacker, hide from the attacker or fight the attacker — whatever is best given the circumstance. "What I need the public t

ASU students and staff mourn the loss of Sen. John McCain at Arizona State Capitol

Thousands gathered at the Capitol to offer McCain an emotional farewell from the state he called home Among the thousands of people gathered at the Arizona State Capitol to mourn the loss of Senator John McCain were ASU students and staff, who, compelled by McCain's outsized impact on state politics and his interactions with the University, felt the need to commemorate the late lawmaker and his legacy. McCain, who died on Saturday, served as a Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives an

Arizona hemp harvests have too much THC, leading to destruction of crops

Many of Arizona's first hemp harvests have too much THC When Arizona started issuing licenses for farmers to grow hemp in 2019, many people predicted a boost to the economy from the plant that's used to create the popular CBD oil, among other products. But months into this crop's new era, the results are not what was expected by those in the industry. Instead of harvesting fields of hemp, farmers are destroying them. Hemp and marijuana technically are the same plants, but hemp is supposed to

McCain Institute head Kurt Volker steps down as US diplomat

Volker's resignation comes amid reports that he was involved in the Trump-Ukraine investigation Executive Director of the McCain Institute Kurt Volker resigned from his position as the U.S. Special Envoy for Ukraine Friday, following reports he collaborated with Ukraine and President Donald Trump. An ASU official confirmed Volker's resignation Friday, and said the University could not speak about his future at ASU because the University does not comment on personnel matters. Volker met with U

2017 law to defund Planned Parenthood backfires

In 2017, Republican lawmakers sneaked a provision into the state budget designed to strip Planned Parenthood of funding meant to serve low income patients. The law directed the Arizona Department of Health Services to apply for Title X grant dollars under the federal Public Health Safety Act. State health officials are required to argue that the state “is best suited to receive and distribute” those federal dollars to eligible agencies. But when the Health Department was finally awarded Title

Roll with it: Toilet paper, trash show brisk business at Grand Canyon

Roll with it: Toilet paper, trash show brisk business at Grand Canyon WASHINGTON – Despite a partial government shutdown, Grand Canyon National Park appears to be doing a brisk business – based on the amount of toilet paper workers are taking in to the park and the amount of trash they’re taking out. Local business officials say park workers have hauled off 106 tons of trash and stocked more than 472,000 feet of toilet paper during a busy three-week period over the holidays. That’s an extra 14